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Maria is a genuine, kind and very knowledgeable attorney. I would highly recommend her services to others. Firstly, everything was done very professionally and in a short period of time. Secondly, she does the work with great responsibility and always has answers to your questions. Finally, she sees possibilities in the cases where others just do not. I am grateful for everything Maria has done for us in regards to our green cards. Thank you!

Reidar Mongstad
Principal Contract Specialist at Statoil

In 2010, I started my process in order to get the status of resident in the united states. The firm my company used for this purpose was Foster-Quan. Maria Pilar Llusa was assigned to my case, and my first impression was very good. Since our first telephone call I noticed her interest and diligent approach to my case. She started asking questions. She promptly came out with a support documentation, explaining the authorities in a clear and concise way who I am, what I do, and why my company needs me here. What I most liked was that after coming with an approach, she suddenly call me back and told me that she is going to change her strategy. I approved that, because she was so self-secure that I really felt confident. And this is what I like about her professionalism. She doesn't go just to the day to day routine. She thinks, analyze and then takes the more appropriated way to do her job, and this has an extraordinary value for me, as a client. After all the paperwork was done, we went once again over it and checked everything. She answered all my questions, and my feeling of confidence increased even more. In that way, she proceeded to introduce all the paper work for the I-140. Some time later, I got the good news that my case was accepted and approved. Later stages of this process are kind of routine. I consider that her attention to the small details, and her ability to express in a perfect way - besides the fact that for a Spanish speaking individual as me, is of extremely high value the fact that I can speak in Spanish with Maria Pilar- made me feel very secure and that I am in the best hands. Finally, I got my Residence approved and I want to say thanks to Maria Pilar, and of course highly recommend this attorney to anyone willing to get any kind of permit to work and live in the U.S.A. Thanks, Maria Pilar!

Antonio Cavicchioni, P.E.
Senior Design Engineer at Fluor

Maria Pilar has in every aspect gone above and beyond what was expected from my side as too the lever of creativity, speed, personal touch and results.

Frode Olsen, Document Control Manager at Cobalt International Energy
Maria LLusa Pilar has handled the vast majority of my work permit and immigration cases for more than ten years. I have utilized her services for deployment of personnel world wide on oil and gas projects. Her cases have included individual assignments and establishment of E2 visa arrangements for the US. She has performed diligently, effectively at competitive rates, always looking out for her clients’ interests.

Gunnar Nordahl PMP CSM
Managing Director, at Competentia US, Inc.

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